¡Ooken/Entra/Come on in!

Welcome to Tsikbal ich maya, a trilingual (Maya/Spanish/English) website dedicated to contemporary Yukatek Maya language and cultural production. The primary focus of the site is oral literature, but in the coming months we plan to upload reflections and interviews with Yukatek Maya writers, academics, and intellectuals, essays by non-Maya researchers and cultural critics, and updates on work associated with the website. We are also seeking funding to begin work on an interactive Yukatek Maya vocabulary. Beginning in January we plan on posting to the site twice a month, with new video being uploaded every six months.

The Tsikbal ich maya user’s guide can be found in a sidebar on the right side of the webpage. There you will find everything you need to know about navigating the site and its contents. If you would like to contact members of the project, our collective email address can also be found there. Links in the header identify the main contents of the site as of December 2011: animation (Yukatek Maya stories that have been digitally animated); the archive of project posts; a trilingual index of stories we have uploaded; and a page about project participants and the history of the project.

So, ooken/entra/come on in, we’re glad to have you here!

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